Our Kitten

Our Babies in smoke were born at 22.07.2012


Sire: CFA CH / WoCH My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance (blue-smoke)
PKD DNA negative / Laboklin Germany

Dam: CFA CH / GEC Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance (tortie-smoke)
PKD DNA negative / Laboklin Germany

Silverdance Litter

Silverdance Love Me Tender

CFA CH / JuniorCH Silverdance Love Me Tender 
black-tortie-smoke female

5,5 months old

** sold to Bulgarian **

Thanks a lot  Zhanna and Stefan,
and family for the wunderful home! 
I was very happy, that Zhanna came to us
and I could show her Hamburg;
also our house and our Cattery Silverdance!

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last update 05th February 2014

Silverdance Luke At Me

Silverdance Luke At Me  - cream-smoke male

5,5 months old

** sold to South Africa  **

Thanks a lot Rindi, Clint, Monique, Simoné and Denis
for this beautiful home.
It was AGAIN fantastic by you and I am happy that I could see again South Africa!

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last update 18th November 2014

Our pedigrees are registered by genotype
and are not by phenotype.

We breed pure persians, no Exotic Shorthair and no Himalayan in the pedigrees,
from world-famous Smoke & Solid lines

Do you interested now?

Than write us an , please tell us a little bit about yourself, 
your cattery, numbers of cats, where you live and 
what are you looking for (pet, breeder and/or show cat). 
You can also call us, we are speaking English.

Please understand us, that we don´t answer of pure price inquires.

We are experienced in shipping all over the world. 
Our kittens reached to USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Thailand, South Africa ...


Welcome to our available kitten page

Only in a small catteries without cages or simply to loving.
Our Kitten are only for your cattery, they may not be resold or 
they may not be used for other breeds in foreign catteries. 

All kitten are delivered with a contract,
 CFA registration and german pedigree with FIFE transfer,
health certificate in German and English,
FIV / FELV Test,
PKD1 DNA negative test of parents or grandparents or older generations in German
from the labor LABOKLIN or VET-MED-LABOR,
EU-Pet Passport and microchip.

All babies are inoculated approximately
Panleukopenia, Feline rhinotracheitis Herpesvirus, Feline Calicivirosis (RCP)
and Rabies optional
are not available before the dental exchange.

Alle cats in my cattery
 FeLV / FIV negative, PKD1 DNA negative tested and
inoculated approximately
Panleukopenia, Feline rhinotracheitis Herpesvirus, Feline Calicivirosis (RCP),
 Rabies and Feline Leukemia.


For sale

This kitten is for sale.


This kitten is reserved for the Buyer, a deposit is given and we hold this kitten until it is old enough for leaving home and we get the whole purchase price.

Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE!!

Sold This kitten is payed in full and will be soon going to his new home.


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Shipping Costs

Shipping costs between € 500,00 and 600,00 plus the costs of the cat
dependent on the flight to the future new home.

Shipping, special health certificates and carriers 
are the responsibility of the buyer and must be pre-paid.