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von Bodenteich

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(* August 8th 1986 - † June 3rd 2002)

Moritz von Bodenteich, a blacksilver‑tabby Persian, was born to 3.8.1986. In November 1986 he came to us. (3 months)

 3 Monate

3 Monate

The silver-tabby Persian can occur in four color impacts, which differ in the color of the dark design on the brightly silver typed basic colour. By this silver color also the Silver Tabbies differs from the remaining Tabbies. Silver Tabbies are very difficult to breed. The principal reason probably lies in the very short nose with pronounced stop (Peke Face). Also it is relatively difficult, a cat with a beautiful type of head to out-breed completed Tabby design and typical eye colouring (green or orange).

7 Monate

Moritz had a very beautiful silver tabby design, far open green eyes and a bushy tail. Its head and its nose probably hardly correspond to the today's standard. In its early youth I issued it likewise, received twice he its CAP, but Moritz had very much fear, so that I could not issue him any longer.
(7 months left, 5 months right

5 Monate

                       Show results:
                               CAP: 10.10.1987 DRV, Berlin
                               CAP: 16.01.1988 DRV, Hamburg

Its 1. Cat Show was at that time somewhat adventurous, we had buy the GDR at that time to Berlin (West) to drive and at the border was asked, how many would be we in the car. Whereupon my father answered: "Four, three adults and our cat." This answer did not please the border post at all, but drive on it lie us then. Moritz found an average speed of 120 km/h as pleasant driving. Unfortunately we were allowed to drive in the GDR only 100 km/h, so that it constantly weighted loudly and heart-tearing up.

Moritz möchte Futter

in seinem Bett

If it had out-slept, it required every now and then somewhat ungracious its fodder.

beim spielen

Moritz played in the high more older and made exactly the same many stupidities like other cats. Dearest it played with crowncorks (left). I threw it away and he returned him.

Oh, diese Fliege!

In addition, the hunt for flies, mosquitoes and spirit levels made much fun for it. If he discovered it, he caught each mark on loud to cackle (right 12 years and 2 months) and wagged completely excited its tail..

6 years and 4 months

7 years and 4 months

Christmas always was for it a beautiful celebration. Naturally he got something for playing, in addition, the gifts by other family members was also always taken in. (left 6 years and 4 months / right 7 years and 4 months)


10years 4 months

15 years and 4 months

10 years und 4 months

15 years und 4 months

In the age of 15 years and 10 months, to 3.6.2002, I had to separate after a half year of very serious illness from my dear Moritz. It did to me and means parents very much pain a so good and faithful friend to have lost. For a long time we considered whether we take again us a cat in the house, but the parting much us very heavily and it broke soon the heart to us, if one came home and did not come to meet Moritz us. In August 2002 we went for the first time again on a Race Cat Show, we decided, By Sullivans Moses, to give again a new home.

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