Paul N'Rock

(*01st June 2015 - †07th April 2017)

Our male isn't  strangely cat ladies at the disposal.
We ask therefore, to refrain from relevant inquiries.


Silverdance Paul N'Rock, is a red-smoke Persian male. He was born on 01st June 2015 and growed up together with his sisters by us. Paul couldn´t drink by himself the first 10 days so we gave him drop per drop the milk. Later he drunk from the bottle. He is a pure hand feeding boy and he is our heart boy.

Silverdance Persians in smoke, born 2015, 4 weeks old

The parents are CFA CH/GEC Silverdance Charmer In The Night (black) and CFA CH/GIC Silverdance Sweet Ice Princess (tortie-smoke, homozygous for silver)

Paul will stay with us in the moment, more kitten pictures you can find of our website in the gallery, or click here of the picture:

Silverdance Paul n'Rock
7 months old

9 months old

1 year and 3 months old

1 year and 6 months old

Silverdance Paul n'Rock
After a long and serious illness our Paul lost the fight forever.
He had not tolerated the re-vaccination in September 2016.
Paul grew up more and more, until he was in February 2017 seriously ill
and did not recover from it.