Pele-Mele's Silver Sunshine On Ice
of Silverdance
Laboklin Certificate
and Contract

Genotype a/a: red-smoke


Pele Mele's Silver Sunshine on Ice was sold to me as red-shaded-cameo, 
but the cat is tested as red-smoke
The genetic code for a red-shaded-cameo persian is: A- C- D- I- OY/OO tbtb/TT/TaTa Wbwb

The test of laboklin is genotype a/a and NOT A/A or A/a
A/A - homozygous for agouti
A/a - heterozygous for agouti

a/a - non-agouti,

So is the cat Pele Mele's Silver Sunshine on Ice a red-smoke: aa C- D- I- OY/OO

1st site of the contract: