CFA Champion & Grand Europe Champion
Owner of the RVDE Qaulity Seal
Silverdance Alice

(*27th May 2005 - †06th June 2017))


CFA CH/GEC Silverdance Alice

CFA Champion /
Grand Europe Champion
RVDE-Quality Seal

Silverdance Alice


parents PKD1 DNA negative / Laboklin Germany

Pedigree as PDF

CFA-Champion on 27th January 2007 in Klagenfurt / Austria

2nd Best of Breed or Division: 7x

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Best in

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10th February 2007: Owner of the RVDE-Quality Seal


Silverdance Alice, a black-smoke persian female, was born at May 27th 2005. She was first born, from our three babies. Her sister is Silverdance Angelina, a black-smoke persian female, and her brother is Silverdance Amadeus, a red-smoke persian male.

8 weeks old Silverdance A-Litter
Our first litter, Angelina - Amadeus - Alice

Her mother, CFA CH / GEC Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance, is a (black)‑tortie‑smoke persian female. Her father, CFA CH / WCH and Owner of RVDE Quality Seal My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance, is a blue‑smoke persian male.

10 weeks old
nominated and Best in Show
10 weeks old
6./7. August 2005
RVDE e.V. in Wismar / Germany

Alice was starting from the 7th week very brightly. All meant however she is a blacksmoke. Even the judges always said to it, the bright cat.

5 months old
5 months old

Alice developed very well. Not only plays is her favourite occupation, she likes also to eat . She weights with 6 months 3,5 kg.

CFA Show Rheinberg/Germany
11./12. January 2006
7,5 months old

Second Best of Breed or Division   Kim Everett - Ring 4

CFA Show Rheinberg
Betty White - Ring 6

Best in Show
2x nominated and 2x Best in Show / 6-9 months Kittenclass
8 months old
28./29. January 2006
RVDE e.V. in Buchholz/Germany

Am 22.04.2006 Alice received her 3rd Champion title. She is now Champion. By the nomination for the Best in Show she lost against her mother Candy.

Our Alice likes to play as all cats.
14,5 months old

Best in Show
nominated and Best in Show
17,5 months old
18. November 2006
RVDE e.V. in Oldenburg/Germany

It was also an animal-show for all animals: you can seen dogs, fish, horses, sheep, chickens, rabbit, queues, reptiles, cows and much more breeds. All animals has a seperate hall. Many people were on the shows, on Saturday 8000 and on Sunday more as 12000 people. By the Best in Show in the judge-room she was awake, but by the presentation Best in Show she was very broken and she sleep of my arm.

18,5 months old
9. /10. December 2006
RVDE e.V. in Buxtehude/Germany

CFA Champion
CFA-Champion am 27.01.2007
Klagenfurt / Austria
1 year 8 months old

1 year and 8 months old
10. /11. February 2007
RVDE e.V. in Neumünster/Germnay

2 years 7,5 months old
8. December 2007
RVDE e.V. in Buxtehude/Germany
nominated for Best in Show

KFND - Hannover/Germany
1./2. March 2008 / 2 years and 9 months old

Dansk RVDE & RVDE e.V - 12.04.2008
Tønder / Danmark
2 years and 10,5 months old

IRCC e.V. - Hamburg/Germany
20.02.2010 / 4 years and 8 months old

2x nominated for Best in Show

Felidae e.V. - Kiel/Germany
27.11.2010 / 5 years und 6 months old
CFA CH/GEC Silverdance Alice
nominated for Best in Show
She is now Grand Europe Champion!

6,5 years old
6,5 years old

Our lovely Alice has birthday and she is 9 years old today
27. May 2014
9 years old



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